Kock med blåtira

Our chef is feeling rather blue.

We are terribly sorry, but our renovation schedule has had to be extended, so we cannot open in the spring as planned. Our property has been designated as a heritage listed building (translated from Swedish "blue-classified"), which means it has such cultural-historical significance that every stage of renovation must happen under extreme care. Obviously we have nothing against our beloved watering hole being given the love and attention it deserves.

What hurts is that no-one, not even those at the city planning office, knows when we can open our doors again. A real blow for us as we have been longing to enjoy your company as well as that of our other esteemed guests again.

Nevertheless, chins up! One thing we do know is that after all this care, Djurgården’s most must-visit meeting place will be fresher and more inviting than ever. Then you’ll see!


Thomas Dahlgren, Head Chef at Blå Porten.

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