Kock med blåtira

Have we been too overoptimistic?

Possibly we were a little naïve believing that it would be quick and easy to renovate our beloved old gate. It was therefore a real blow to the solar plexus when we understood that this wasn’t to be the case. We had really been looking forward to enjoying your company, along with our other guests, again.

Now the smiles are returning to our lips.
Opening in the summer of 2021!

We have no exact date for the re-opening, but this summer it will be full steam ahead. Renovations have taken longer than expected, mainly because the property was declared a listed building, which means it has such historical value that every step must be undertaken with extreme care. Naturally we have nothing against this because after all this loving attention, Djurgården´s most desirable meeting place will be fresher and more inviting than ever. Just wait and see!


Thomas Dahlgren, Head Chef at Blå Porten.

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